Bali Kecak and Fire Dance, is not known exactly where the Kecak dance originated and first developed, but there is some kind of agreement in Bali Kecak first evolved into the performing arts in the village Bona, Gianyar, as additional knowledge Kecak was originally a song or music resulting from a combination of sounds that make up a melody that is usually used to accompany sacred dance Sanghyang. And can only be performed in temples. Then in the early 1930s by artists from Bona village, Gianyar trying to develop dance Kecak to take the story of Ramayana Dance Trance dance as a substitute so that this dance could eventually be displayed in public as a performance art. Part of the Ramayana story is first taken as Sita was abducted by King Ravana.

Kecak in Bali continue to change and progress since the 1970s. The development can be seen is in terms of story and staging. In terms of story for staging not only stick to one part of the Ramayana, but also other parts of the Ramayana story. Then in terms of staging also began to grow not only found in one place like Desa Bona, Gianyar, but also other villages in Bali started developing Kecak so that all areas in Bali Kecak there are dozens of groups whose members are usually members of Banjar. Meaning of Kecak is a fragment of the Ramayana, the Hindu epic which finds expression in various forms, not only in dance, but also in painting and carving. Prince Rama, Ayodya heir to the throne, and his wife Sita had been banished from the kingdom by King Dasaratha as a result of trickery by Rama's stepmother. The story begins with the arrival of Rama and Sita Rama Lakshmana accompanied by his brother in the woods Dandaka.
trio has been observed by the demon Ravana, king of Lanka, an ardent beautiful Sita. Ravana Marica sending his prime minister to try and isolate Sita so that Ravana could kidnap her. Marica magical power is turning it into a golden deer and he entered the forest and when Sita saw the golden deer he was so fascinated by it that he asked Rama to capture it for her. Rama chasing deer leave behind his brother Laksamana with strict instuction for Protec Sita. When Sita thought he heard cries for help from her Rama Rama forcing Admiral went after accusing him of cowardice and he went to help Rama with great reluctance after drawing a magic circle on the ground and said Sita he should not under any circumstances step out side the circle.
Sita, was left alone in the woods become easy prey to the deception that had been disguised Ravana had periest old and Sita bag for some food as she was cold and hungry. Sita fell on to his tricks, he stepped outside the circle to give the old priest and Ravana grabbed some food and bring it back to his palace in palace.Once of Lanka, Ravana tried everything she can to seduce Sita without luck.
In the palace of Lanka, Sita pour out his heart about his cruel fate for a niece Trijata Ravana, when Hanuman appears saying that hi is the messenger of Rama and prove it by showing the ring Rama. Sita gives Hanoman a hairpin to show he is still alive and sand he returned to Rama with a massage to come to her rescue.
Meanwhile Rama and Laksamana accompanied twalen wandering in the woods looking for Sita when Meganada, son of Ravana, Rama and appeares and involved Admiral Battle. Meganada using her magic powers and shoots an arrow that magically turns into a dragon that beat Rama and Laksamana and they are tied in rope.
Eagle, king of all birds, a good friend of King Dasaratha, had observed the problem of Rama is high in the sky and come to the rescue to free the brothers of the rope. Rama and Laksamana continue on their way to rescue Sita and joined with Sugriva, the king monkeyes, and his monkey army.
This fragment Ramayana ends with Bittle between Sugriva and his army and Meganada Monkeys and his Devil's Army which ended with the defeat of Meganada.