About us

Wayan Dartha was born on 1986 under the foot hill of the mountain mount Agung. Pura Pasar Agung Sebudi Village Where Usually the hikers start. Us local and original mount Agung community guide he has basic education from tourism industry academy and being a guide since he was 19 years old. Us leader mount Agung association local community guides from Pura Pasar Agung temple Sogra Sebudi the tradisional village Wayan Dartha and team they have responsible for stewardship of Pura Pasar Agung temple and all ascents starting here for ceremonies and recreation. Wayan Dartha association local community guides presently has 70 members, of which 17 are female guides and all the team coming from the tradisional sebudi village.

Come and enjoy Bali Great Fun and great challenge Mt. Agung Bali morning sunrise with the wide fitness level and variety of hiking tour products. Explore your adventure to Mt. Agung with our best and experienced local guides community. The common temperature of Mt. Agung is 10-15 degrees for the whole year. And the visibility ranges 45-50 degrees angle. This experience will be never forgotten in your life. “great fun and great challenge” keep your memorial stunning view and best sunrise in this god island. This magnificent experience will bring you back to feel the great challenge in further time.

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